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Non-Stop-Shop is a website shopping directory that are here to enable you to find what you're looking for by the click of a button.

All you have to do to shop for a perticular item, be it scissors as an example, is go to the categories menu, select 'S', then 'Scissors', choose a country you wish to shop at, then Non-Stop-Shop for bargains.

For the same item, even compair prices on offers around different countries.

Now with the help from Non-Stop-Shop, the advantages you have on shopping through our directory are as follows: -

  • Choose a category, select a country, transfer to their websites and Non-Stop-Shop.
  • Even save money by pricing around different countries for the same item / deals.
  • Also catch up on up-to-date news about the business you're buying items from.
  • Check out up-to-date news on each businesses Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and / or LinkedIn pages by the click of a button.

It's good to shop around and, SAVESAVESAVE!


On becoming a member to advertise and promote your business on Non-Stop-Shop, the advantages you'll have, that are listed below, are completely astronomical.

  • You'll get a FREE present in the post with FREE delivery every year you stay with Non-Stop-Shop.
  • Your business will be placed under 1 x category and 1 x country of your choice for £10 per year.
  • You will get a minimum of 3 promotions on Non-Stop-Shop, with more freebies to follow upon becoming a member.
  • Your website address gets promoted FOR FREE.
  • Your business logo is in view for the public to click on it and transfer to your website to do a Non-Stop-Shop.
  • You don't get charged for any Pay Per Clicks (PPC). As a million people can click on your business banner to visit your website and it won't cost you a single penny.
  • A paragraph about your business will get FREE Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn connections can get promoted for you too, FOR FREE.
  • Your contact details will also be advertised for FREE with FREE SEO too.
  • Your business details will be registered with 66 Internet Search Engines Worldwide for FREE.
  • 2.3 Million people a day will be informed about you joining Non-Stop-Shop, which is also FREE to businesses advertising on Non-Stop-Shop. That's 70 million people getting emailed on your behalf per month.
  • Any newspaper, magazines, radio or TV promotions that Non-Stop-Shop advertise through, won't cost you a single dime.
  • You can also, during working hours, send messages to your friends and chat with each other on Non-Stop-Shop whilst you shop around. All you have to do is go onto tawk down at the bottom right of the screen. Plus if you have any queries whilst tawk is open, one of our members of staff will help you where possible.

Visit: - to fill in your details, promote your business, get recognized, make substantial profits and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! You couldn't be in a better place.

Visit: - if you have any questions or queries on advertising or shopping on Non-Stop-Shop.

Happy Shopping & Promoting on

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