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Advantages on Advertising with


On becoming a member to Non-Stop-Shop, the advantages you will gain on advertising and promoting your business on Non-Stop-Shop are as follows: -

  • You get a FREE present in the post with FREE delivery.
  • Your website will be advertised under 1 x catergory and 1 x country of your choice.
  • Your business will be advertised under a minimum of 3 areas in total on Non-Stop-Shop to boost your SEO.
  • Your website will get FREE SEO (search engine optimization).
  • A paragraph about your business will get FREE SEO too.
  • A banner representing a picture of your business will also be promoted, though it can only have connections to your website, providing your website address starts with https:// and not http://.  As the letter 's' represents security to your website and encourages more visitors to visit your website.
  • There will be no charges on Pay Per Clicks (PPC).
  • Links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn pages will get promoted for FREE.
  • Your address and phone number will get promoted, plus FREE SEO too.
  • 70 Million people a month will be emailed about the businesses that join Non-Stop-Shop.
  • Your business will get registered with 66 Internet Search Engines Worldwide for FREE too.
  • Promotions that Non-Stop-Shop does in Newspapers, Magazines, Radio or Television will not cost any of Non-Stop-Shop's members a single penny.
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