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reconstruction should be finished around the end of May 2019

Once finished you can shop like crazy.

Plus, ...
,... on  advertising with Non-Stop-Shop you get a Free Present - worth £9.99 - in the post with
Free Delivery

Advertise, ..

.., from only £10
Per Category Per Year.

Click Below to


Shopping Couldn't
Be Made Easier

All you have to do is:-

  • Choose a Category of your choice.
  • Click on any business logo of your choice.
  • Be it their Website logo, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter links.
  • Then transfer to their website's to do a,... Non-Stop-Shop.
  • Then price around.
  • Compare prices.
  • Read up on their up-to-date news.
  • Know where they are based.
  • See all their contact information.
  • Read up on what each business has to offer.
  • View 1 to 20 adds,... or view all adds for each category.

Advantages on Advertising

  • You get registered with 66 Internet Search Engines Worldwide for FREE.

  • Your Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn connections are promoted for FREE.

  • Your information is emailed to 70,000,000 people each month for FREE.

  • You get FREE SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • You don't get charged a single penny for Pay Per Click (PPC).

Plus there's even more freebies once you advertise on Non-Stop-Shop.

Click on the businesses above and below and price around.

It's Good To Save

Click on the links above and below and SAVE!

Increase Your Social Signals

Shop all over the UK & Ireland

..., and know who they are,
..., where they are,

..., what they do,
..., with who they do through



Click on the Category Menu Above.

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